There may be different ways of obtaining Turkish citizenship for a foreign citizen.
For a minimum of USD 500.000;

  • You can buy Real Estate Investment Fund Participation Share or Venture Capital Investment Fund,
  • You can deposit cash to the banks operating in Turkey,
  • You can buy government saving bonds,
  • You can do fixed capital investments.

You can also obtain Turkish citizenship by providing employment for at least 50 people.
These methods are laborious and costly.
However, with real estate investment worth to $ 250.000, you can obtain Turkish Citizenship at a more affordable cost.
In the following sections, you will find a summary of the steps required to obtain Turkish citizenship and the necessary documents. It is recommended that you obtain current information by contacting the competent authorities for your Turkish citizenship applications.


  • All foreign nationals who invest USD 250,000 in property, except for nationals restricted by law, may apply for Turkish Citizenship and Turkish Passport.
  • You can apply for Turkish Citizenship by purchasing one or more properties with a total value of USD 250.000.
  • The Turkish Citizenship program also provides opportunity for stateless persons who have confirmed with a document issued by the United Nations.
  • Property which purchased for citizenship cannot be sold for 3 years. You can sell your property once the required time expires and Turkish Citizenship is granted.
  • The person's married spouse and children under the age of 18 also benefit from Turkish citizenship.
  • The applicant's mother, father or children over the age of 18 cannot apply for Turkish citizenship.
  • The children of a person who obtained Turkish citizenship are born as Turkish citizens.
  • You do not have to live in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • "Permanent residence permit" is not required for Turkish Citizenship application.
  • Turkish citizenship that obtained is valid for lifelong.
  • Language test or interview is not required for Turkish citizenship.
  • In addition to your Turkish citizenship, you can hold different nationalities together. So you can have more than one citizenship.
  • The officially declared value of the property during the transfer of ownership in the Notary Approved Sales Contract and / or Title Deed Office must be at least USD 250.000.
  • If the property is purchased with a mortgage loan, the mortgage value is deducted from the value stated in the valuation report and the remaining amount is taken into consideration.
  • The value of the real estate must be paid by bank transfer from the buyer's account to the seller's account. This transaction must be proved by bank receipts.


1. Filling the Citizenship Program Application Form
2. Doing needs Analysis and Presentation of Portfolio by Negotiating on Dijital Platform
3. Realizing Appointment Organization for Arrival in Turkey
4. Welcoming at the airport in Turkey and hosting in our office
5. Presentation of the Properties Suitable for Citizenship and Product Determination
6. Free Real Estate Tour / Introducing of City and District 
7. Deciding the Real Estate to be Purchased
8. Organizing Property Buying Processes
9. Citizenship Application
10. Receiving Turkish Passport