We are well aware of the difficulties of making a decision to buy property outside of your own country and taking the necessary steps. People you don't know, locations you don't know and


  • Building Permit (Zoning Permit)

The "building license", known as the zoning permit, is the type of license issued by the Municipalities or the Directorates of Environment and Urbanization for the construction of the building. Construction cannot start without a building license.

  • Land Title Deed

It is the document that shows the ownership of a land. This deed is called ‘share title deed’ or ‘soil title deed’.

  • Floor Easement

It is the easement (usage / utilization) right established on the buildings under construction. (It is a type of right that gives the right holder the right to use it on that property.)

  • Residence (Inhabitig) Permit

In case the real estate is constructed and completed in accordance with its approved project, it is a document issued by the relevant Municipality and showing the permission to use the building.

  • Floor Ownership (Condominiums)

It is a kind of private property established on the parts of (floor, apartment, business office, shop, store, cellar, warehouse, etc.) a completed structure which is suitable for use separately according to the Law of Ownership.

  • Floor Easement Title Deed

It is a document issued with the establishment of floor easement in the buildings that under construction and showing the right of use on the property.

  • Floor Ownership Title Deed

It is the document which shows the ownership of the property after the residence permit has been obtained in the completed buildings.

  • Transition from Floor Easement to Floor Ownership

When the building with easement is completed, it is to change the quality of the main real estate in the land registry by applying to the Deed Office together with the inhabiting (building use permit) certificate. The expression of "Floor Easement" in the title deed records is to be changed to "Floor Ownership".

  • Mortgage (Hypothec)

It is a record placed on a property by the debtor in favor of the creditor and recorded in the title deed register to ensure that a debt will be paid. The mortgage is removed when the debt is paid in full.

  • Real Estate Sales Promise Agreement

It is the contract that constitutes the basis of trading transactions between the customer and the company in a project whose title deed is not ready yet. In the sector it is named as “Real Estate Sales Promise Contract" olarak.

  • Apartment Net Square Meters

It is defined as the sum of the usage areas (lounge + rooms + balconies + wet spaces) of the independent section. In general usage language; It can also be described as “Sweepable Area..

  • Apartment Gross Square Meter

It is defined as the sum of the areas where walls and supporting systems are added to the net area of the apartment. In an other saying; it can also be defined as common areas on the floor where the apartment is located (except elevator, stairs, floor hall).

  • Apartment General Gross Square Meter

It is calculates by adding the common area share to the gross square meter of the apartment. Car parks and technical areas are not included in the relevant common area share. General Gross Square Meter, is the square meter that constitutes the basis for sales.


The title deed is the official document showing the owner of a real estate. On the title deed, the square meter information of the independent section (residential - commercial, etc.) is never included. Writes the share ratio.
In general, the title deeds are divided into three types;
* Land Title Deed
* Floor Easement Title Deed
* Floor Ownership Title Deed
Below you can examine the title deed types separately.

  • Land Title Deed

It is a title deed that shows the shares of the land that does not have a structure on it. It is also called as share title deed. The land title shows the percentage and names of shares owned by the person or its shareholders (if any).
On the land title deed, it does not indicate which area the shareholders have on the land. Each shareholder is a shareholder of the land in proportion to its share. By making a contract between them, they can determine which share on the land belongs to who. However, this information does not appear on the title deed or in the land registry.
In addition, for a property a bank loan cannot be used by Land Title Deed.

  • Floor Easement Title Deed

It is a document issued with the establishment of floor easement in the buildings that are under construction and showing the right of use on the property.
Bank credit can be used to purchase a property with a Floor Easement Title Deed.
Characteristics of the Floor Easement Title Deed;
* With this title deed, the shareholder is given shares from the land.
* The person is not the owner of the real estate. It only has the right to use it.
* On Land Title, there is also block - floor - independent section number information along with land share.
* On the "Main Property Characteristic" section of the title deed, it writes land. (The main real estate is still in land status because of the building has not been completed yet.)
* In the title of "Independent Section" of the title deed, it writes the type of the property (as residence, office, shop).
* Since there is no settlement yet, individual subscription cannot be made for electricity and water. Consumption fee is paid on the construction site rate.

  • Floor Ownership Title Deed

It is the document which is issued after the property is completed and the residence permit is obtained, it shows the ownership of the property.
The Floor Owership Title Deed (condominium) is the most ideal title deed.
Characteristics of the FloorOwnership Title Deed;
* It has a permit to reside in the real estate.
* Shares given from the land; is turn into title deed of real estate like housing, workplace..
* Each independent section turns into separate real estate.
* Persons have private ownership of the property. They have the right to use the property in accordance with the law.
* The title of the "Main Real Estate" section of the title deed shows exactly what the structure / building is. (Eg; 15-storey reinforced concrete building)
* In the title of "Independent Section" of the title deed, it writes the type of the property (as residence, office, shop).
* Electricity and water can be individually subscribed and consumption is paid on the city tariff.